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Georgie Porgie’s Kids Manic Stir-Up Steam Sponge Recipe

Place into a mixing bowl:

1 and a Half Egg Cups of Castor Sugar

1 and a Half Egg Cups of Margarine


Stir with a Big Spoon – start slowly and gently speed up until it’s all mixed together!


Add 1 Egg Cup of Free Range Eggs


Now Stir as fast as you can!


Lastly Add 1 and a Half egg cups of Self Raising Flour

Most Important part of the recipe: Stir even Faster until you have a soft dropping consistency.

Now heat a table spoon in hot water,  dip into golden syrup and place one large spoon full in bottom of pudding basin then add sponge mix on top.

Cover the top in double-sided grease proof paper or kitchen foil secure top with string and steam for 1 hour (you’ll need an adult’s help with this).


Baking Tips:

When cracking your eggs if some shell breaks off in your bowl just wet your finger and dip it in, the broken bit of shell will stick to your finger for easy removal.

When dealing with sticky stuff such as treacle, heating your spoon in hot water means it won’t stick and will run off the spoon instead.


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