The story of Georgie Porgie's Puddings


Georgie Porgie's Puddings begins

George Hollywood creates Georgie Porgie’s Puddings, making traditional steamed Christmas Puddings while working part-time in the chutney factory that took over from Budleigh Pate.


Getting a kick-start

George was ready to make a year-round business. To achieve this he applied for a Prince’s Youth Business Trust loan, being awarded it alongside a Live Wire Award.


A home for Georgie Porgie's

With his business loan secured and the orders coming in fast, George was ready to move Georgie Porgie’s Puddings into its’ own building in Ottery St. Mary. With new premises, George got to work on a new pudding, Apple & Cider. 1,000 were sold, one even going to the Queen herself! This wasn't George’s last run-in with a member of the royal family either...


Adding sponges to our menu

For 2001 George added a new kind of delicious sweet treat, creating a range of steamed sponges in 4 flavours: Toffee, Treacle, Strawberry Jam & Spotted Dick. As with our puddings, our sponges are steamed the traditional way, giving them a unique and delicious flavour you won’t find anywhere else.


"It was a bit mad, wasn't it?"

During a visit from the then Prince of Wales, George learned that his puddings were good for more than just eating. The Prince decided they were perfect for a brand new sport, pudding throwing! 2003 also saw the launch of our first online shop. We’ve upgraded it a few times since then!


A special mention

Our wesbite received a special mention in the Telegraph, listing us as one of the best Christmas websites of 2008. Our site has changed a lot since then, but the secret, handmade recipe for George's Classic Christmas Pudding has remained the same!


Out and about

With the business growing year on year, we gradually added new products to create the fabulous range of puddings and sponges you see today. We also attended many shows and fairs, taking our delicious desserts on the road for all to see and taste, including some more familiar faces...


Breaking records and an online relaunch

2017 was a record-breaking year for Georgie Porgie’s puddings, in 2016 we made around 85,000 puddings while in 2017 we smashed that target and made over 100,000 puddings! With more orders coming in every year, we went back to the drawing board and remade our website from scratch. It wasn't the last upgrade though...


Factory boy to proud owner

2020 saw a hugely significant milestone. Returning to his roots, George purchased and rebuilt the now derelict Budleigh Pate factory. His training started there at just 13, firstly as the Sunday cleaner, then being taught to cook after school. By 18 George was running the kitchens, where he made the very first George's Classic Christmas pudding. We've come full circle and are proud to be cooking here again! Why not pop into the new pudding shop and kitchens and say hi if you're passing?


Going gluten free

In 2022 we revamped our old South Farm kitchens and launched our new Gluten Free range. We also won Gold in the Taste of the West awards for our Gluten Free Spotted Dick Steamed Sponge.


New year, new look

2023 sees the launch of our brand new website (you're on it!). We're also in the running for Champion Dessert with our Gluten Free Orange & Cointreau Pudding. Fingers crossed!


The future...

2024 will be our 30th Anniversary... watch this space for some exciting things we've got planned!